About Me

Hello there!

Welcome to my blog! This will mainly be about my life at the Pathologists’ Assistant program at Drexel University for the next two years. Warning you now, this blog will be filled with crazy thoughts, and knowing my luck, even crazier stories. Also, I’m not the most eloquent blogger as you can probably already tell. I’m a bio nerd, I don’t write pretty words no matter how much I pretend/wish that I could. I’ve been blogging for years, then I stopped for about a year, and I miss it. I figured I’d want some kind of record of my progress into the great big world of Graduate School, so here I am.

Just a quick intro into who I am. Went to UCI for undergrad with a degree in biology, tried looking for a job, failed that and went back to school at Mt. SAC and found my passion for anatomy, hence the reason I chose PathA for my career. I am an anatomy nerd. I love studying it, love teaching it, it’s the coolest subject ever because it’s about the human body. Which is quite simply the most amazing piece of work I’ve ever encountered.

Now I’m a graduate student at Drexel getting my Master of Science in Pathologists’ Assistant. It’s a two year program where they turn our brains into mush and rebuild it into some kind of machine the first year is all didactic work aka lectures/exams and the second year is all clinical rotations at various sites (like hospitals and such). So what is a PathA? We basically do everything a Pathologist can do except make the final call and look at slides under a microscope all day. So we can help/perform autopsies, gross and cut specimens from surgery, dictate our findings and such. Most people have never heard of us and that’s okay. We’re the middle men who work behind the scenes to figure out what the heck is wrong with a patient. It’s right where I want to be, and I honestly don’t think I could do or want to do anything else.

So, here I am, ready to be unleashed into the world soon. Hope you enjoy your visit into my whirlwind life of a Grad Student.



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