Awesome News!

For once! I finally have something really positive to say!


Despite the previous post about Drexel Sac closing, Tina and everyone worked super hard to get the next class in. This program isn’t dead yet. All the work put into these rotation sites and setting up this program on the West won’t go down the drain after all. It’s just a matter of where it’ll be located next. They’re technically taking away our fancy classrooms, but it seems this program is here to stay… somewhere. We’ll just need classroom space for future classes, since everything else is off site. For example, Coroner’s office for gross anatomy, AAP in Kaiser South Sac, Histotech at UC Davis. The rest just need a room with desks, chairs, a computer and a projector to lecture in. Hopefully that’ll get set up during the next year or so, so when we leave One Capitol Mall, it’ll just be a different building maybe somewhere else in Sacramento. That’s purely speculation. I have zero idea, and I bet the higher ups have no idea where to go next. Who knows, classes could be held at Davis or in some crazy building they rent out in the middle of nowhere. 😛

I’m just glad we won’t be the last class! There’s one more! I was looking forward to kind of ‘mentoring’ the next class in the same way the second years have done with us. Pay it forward kind of thing. So major congratulations on the brand new class of 2017! (I bet you all can breathe now, am I right? ;)) I can’t wait to meet you all in a couple of months.


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