Sad Day

I know I always seem to post sad things lately, and unfortunately, I have more bad news.

Drexel Sacramento is closing.

We just found out this morning. They announced that Drexel Sac will close and no new students will be admitted in Fall. They will stay open until the very last class graduates, and then, they shut down for good. I don’t know why. I don’t know what this means for the PathA program or for the new incoming class. I don’t know anything. I’m hoping the Sacramento/Bay Area rotation sites will still be available for future classes, but there won’t be a campus here. I don’t know what will happen to faculty and staff.

I don’t know a thing.

All I know is my class will be the second and last PathA class to graduate from Drexel Sac. (Unless they miraculously let the next class in in May.) We will be able to continue and finish the program here, which is a relief. Because if I suddenly had to relocate to Philly to finish this program, I’d be beyond angry right now. Instead, I’m heartbroken and I’ve been trying not to cry all day. I was able to put my emotions aside during my physio exam today, but now that it’s over, it’s hitting me.

This was everything I strived for, and I got in. I am beyond grateful for this opportunity. The Lord somehow found a way to let me continue going to school in California like I wanted, in the program that I wanted, and I couldn’t be more thankful. I’m sad that future students won’t be able to experience and meet all the kind and wonderful people on this faculty and staff. They are seriously the nicest and most hardworking people here. They put up with our demands and our crazy moods, listen to us vent, especially when we have a lot of exams, and do it with a smile. I truly hope that they do find other opportunities soon.

It seems like this really came out of left field. Everyone is suddenly busy and scrambling, so this must be new to them as well. I don’t know what else will happen with the other DUCOM programs here. Or the business/education/etc. programs either. I’m sure there will be future announcements heading our way and I’ll keep everyone who reads my blog up to date as much as I can. I can’t even imagine what is going on through my program director’s head right now. All that hard work to get this program up and running — the first on the west coast — suddenly up in smoke.

I know when I graduate, I’ll look back at all of this fondly. Despite all the stress this program has put me through, I can truly say that I’m one of 10 who had the privilege of being in the Drexel Sac PathA program.


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