Another one down…

Fall semester is finished. Done. Complete. I even got my grades back and I’m pleased to report that I did very well for all the craziness that happened. I managed to get the B I wanted in Med Path and As in everything else. 20 units of evil and I survived with all my grades intact. I’m incredibly proud of the B in Med Path. Now you might wonder why I didn’t shoot for the A. It’s because I’d still like to have some sanity left. It was a med school course, so the fact that I’m not in med school and pulled a B out is more than enough for me. Plus it was a 6 semester unit course. Don’t give me crap about not getting straight As.

This semester was full of ups and downs as usual. 18 grueling weeks of cramming all that info in my head was quite an adventure. This program is relatively new out here in Sacramento, so there were some hiccups that should hopefully be straightened out for the next semester. I’m excited to see the changes. We started implementing some of them at the end of Fall, and it seemed to be working out quite well.

It’s crazy to think around this time last year I was freaking out about applications so I could get them in on time to Drexel. Now, here I am, two semesters in and one left to go before we go on rotations this summer. How insane is that?! I feel like I’m not ready for it, and yet I can’t wait to go. Everything will start making more sense once we start practicing what we’ve learned.

Next semester we have a course that’s exclusively for our program, Applied Anatomic Pathology (AAP), that will basically teach us how to do our job. We’ll practice sectioning and dictations for both autopsy and surgical path BEFORE we go on rotations so we’re not going in blind. Our instructor is one that’s been with us since the beginning and he’s been in this field for about 40 years. He specializes in autopsy, but lately he’s been doing some per diem work in surgical at Kaiser, so he’s definitely got the experience to teach us. I’m very, very excited about this. I can’t wait to get my hands on stuff. I’m much better in lab settings than I am in lecture, so it’s been a long time coming.

But the thing that I’m having a hard time wrapping my head around is the fact that our white coat ceremony is only a few months away. On my birthday! So I get an awesome gift of receiving my white coat. Then I’ll be legit. We’ll have the Drexel patches on the shoulders and our names embroidered on our chests. Freaking sweet.

Now, it’s the holidays and we get three weeks off. I’m going to enjoy every last moment of it. It won’t be long enough, but I’m just glad I can let my brain rot for a little bit after getting beat down so hard. Time to catch up on everything — my tv shows/anime/manga, do some art, maybe get some creative writing done since I missed out on Nanowrimo this year, and SLEEP. My goal next year is to update more regularly. I totally dropped the ball this past semester, so I’m hoping I’ll have more exciting things to post next year/semester. So hang around a bit longer. I promise I’ll come back with awesome stories.

Until then, Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!


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