How can today NOT be a good day? It’s Game 1 of the World Series and my SF Giants are in!!! MadBum is on the mound and he’s my fav Giant. CanNOT wait.

Of course I still have a bunch of studying to do before it starts in a couple hours, but that’s beside the point.

We got our rotation schedules yesterday! I just forgot to mention it. We also met our co-director of the program in the flesh instead of just seeing her on the screen. It was nice, had a free pizza lunch. I took home all the leftovers. 😛

My rotation as of right now goes like this:

  1. Sacramento County Coroner’s Office
  2. UC Davis Medical Center
  3. Sloane Kettering Memorial Hospital in NEW YORK
  4. Kaiser Fremont/Hayward
  5. Kaiser Oakland

Each rotation is 10 weeks long, then I move onto the next one without a break in between. It’ll be an intense year long training, but it’ll be worth it, I hope. I’ll be in NY for Thanksgiving, but I’ll be home for Christmas! How exciting is that? This is literally everything I asked for. They asked us to make a wish list and would try to accommodate our suggestions as best as they could. For once, things fell my way and I got all the sites I wanted. Crazy, crazy stuff. I didn’t think I’d get NY since it sounded like so many people wanted that, but they gave it to me anyway! I love my program manager. She totally fought for our slots like a BAMF. While this is not officially set in stone, she told me it basically will fall this way until she hears otherwise.

I am super excited and pleased. Now I just gotta own my next exam and catch up on med path. And cheer on my Giants! Woot.


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