so it’s been a while…

Yikes. It’s been what, two months since my last update? It was week 3 back then? I think I’m on week 11 now? Ridiculous. I won’t even bother with excuses.

So, I did well the first round of exams. I could’ve done better in micro, but whatever. I did way better in path than I expected, which was a pleasant surprise.

This second round of exams, not so much. The most recent path exam was on the heart and lungs. I thought it’d be easier since it was so specific instead of random KNOW ALL THE FUNDAMENTALS, but no. It was everything I didn’t expect. So I expect to fail it spectacularly.

You know what is absolutely insane about this med path course? I am already an entire system behind. Out of nowhere. This nephrology module was over in a few days. I’m talking like the weekend. First lecture was Friday, then Monday and Tuesday ends it. THREE DAYS. ARE YOU EFFING KIDDING ME?! I HAD THREE DAYS TO LEARN ABOUT THE KIDNEYS, BLADDER AND URETERS?! Then another three days of Endocrine wraps up this entire module. hahahahahahahaaha

I can’t help but just laugh at the sheer amount of ridiculousness this is. And THIS is why I didn’t want to go to med school, my friends. Imagine having five courses like this all at once? I literally would’ve died from stress and anxiety already. I felt like I did last week in preparing for that stupid path exam.

So this is what I tell everyone now: If you like to be tortured, go to grad school. Grad school is where you pay to be tortured for two years (or however many years your program is).

Someone contradict me. I dare you.


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