Week 3 coming up

So here I am, about to start my 3rd week of Fall semester. I only have five billion things to do because I am the worst procrastinator in the world. To be fair, they’re not all completely academic. Some are chores, like laundry, or taking care of financial aid things. But a majority of it is academic. Specifically Medical Pathology (or med path for short). 

Holy cow.

That is the only medical school course I am taking and it has just flown by. They can have three lectures in one day so you miss one day and you’re way behind. Well, I’m like two weeks behind. So… that’s about 9 lectures already. Woohoo. It’s my fault, I know that. I accept that. But it makes it that much harder to get on it. I just need to suck it up.

But this is why I don’t want to go to med school. If I had five classes like this for an entire semester, I literally would just die and dissolve into a puddle of panic and anxiety. It’s ridiculous. I am so glad that I’m skipping the entire med school portion to do what I do. Besides, we PAs can even train the pathology residents to do what we do. That is enough for me. 

I’m taking 20 units of craziness. Leadership, Biomedical Photography, Medical Microbiology, Histotechnology, and Medical Pathology. So far, all of them aren’t too bad except for med path.

Leadership is just what it is — how to be an effective leader because in this field we’ll most likely be the manager of the lab or over the path/histo side of the lab. And we can train residents, I mean that’s pretty big. It’s taught by the same guy who did lab management in the summer. He’s so chill and awesome. He’s been in this field for many, many years and has so much experience to give us.

Photography is just that. Right now we’re covering the digital imaging thing aka x-rays, MRI, CT, etc. Then after we’re done with that unit, we move onto actual photography lessons about lighting and photoshop stuff. I’m actually a bit excited despite my earlier reservations. It’s a chance to be creative and get a grade for it! So no real complaints there.

Micro and Histotech are taught by the same person and we haven’t really started yet. Micro was basic intro stuff — bacteria, viruses, etc. Histotech we went on a field trip to Kaiser South Sac and got to check out their histo/path labs. We met a couple of the pathologists there and they were friendly. It’s also one of our rotation sites so we got to see one of the 2nd years in action along with a PA who’ll be teaching us next semester in how to do our jobs. I enjoyed it a lot. But our usual Histotech classes will be held at UC Davis because that’s where the lab facilities are. So we’ll learn how to use a microtome, how to cut, put them on a slide and stain them. So basically we get a crash course on what histotechs do. It’ll be exciting, I hope.

Med path is just ridiculous. It’s broken up into modules and right now we’re in the fundamentals module. Makes sense, right? We need the basics down before we can get into the gritty details of other things. But the fundamentals are still kicking our butts, holy crap. Plus it’s hard to study for because our tests will be tailored to us instead of taking the med students exams. And no one is really telling us what we should focus on because the lectures will give hints for the med students, not us. We don’t have to know as much detail as they do, especially since they have a year on us. Oh, right, did I mention that this med path class is a SECOND YEAR MED SCHOOL COURSE. Yeah, we’re already put right at that level. So it’s a bit of a steep learning curve. 

Welcome to grad school, am I right?

Despite all that, I’m still looking forward to learning more. Even if it’s 18 weeks. I mean come on. It’s a good thing, I guess, because now they can slow the pace down, but man. My brain was so fried at 16 week semesters, I don’t want to know how brain dead I’ll be by 18. Two weeks makes a HUGE difference.

Guess we’ll find out soon enough.

In a non school, happy note: My brother is coming back soon! He’s been gone for the last two years serving a religious mission for my church in the Philippines. He’ll be back in a few weeks. My dad flew out to get him last night and I just talked to him a few hours ago. He sounded so tired, poor guy, but we’re all really excited to see my brother soon. I can’t wait to see how much he’s changed.

So good luck to those who are about to start school. If you’ve already started, good luck anyway. WE CAN DO IT. WE WILL ROCK THIS SEMESTER.


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