Endless Entertainment

For the final day of Writing 101, the challenge is about our prized possession.

This was incredibly hard for me. I value and love many things from my computer to my futon/couch to my guitar. It was so hard for me to narrow down something. Then I asked myself, “What was the one thing that you had to take with you every time you moved?” And then the answer was easy — my DVD collection.

Ridiculous, I know. A DVD collection? I’m not a movie buff, so this makes this doubly weird, but I love certain movies and I absolutely LOVE TV shows. A big chunk of my collection consists of each season of my favorite TV shows, or at least the seasons that I enjoyed the most before I stopped watching (CSI, NCIS being huge examples). I have tons of movies too. Lots of action, some chick flicks, almost all the superhero movies. This might not be obvious from my posts, but I am obsessed with superheroes, especially Iron Man, so if you see references to various superheroes, do not be shocked. I can’t help myself.

My collection isn’t so much about just having them to brag, it’s mainly entertainment value. I go on random marathons where I’ll pick a show to watch from beginning to end (or current season if it’s still ongoing). My most recent one was with NCIS:LA right before school started, which actually spilled into probably the first week of school before it got too crazy. All of these TV shows bring a certain amount of memories and emotions when I re-watch them. Sometimes I’ll notice something I never did before, sometimes it’ll just be a craving for a certain episode of a show, sometimes it’ll be a refresher on the previous season so I don’t get lost when the premiere comes on. Lots of memories are attached to these, especially if I rope my friends or my cousin into these shows and we’re always texting each other during the episode.

A lot of it, too, is the time spent investing in these characters. It’s exciting, exhilarating in meeting these fictional characters. I invest a lot into my shows, it’s all or nothing. I’ll usually give a couple shows an episode or two, but if I’m not hooked, then I don’t bother. Sometimes, I can tell just by all the commercials if it’ll be terrible and usually I’m right, so why bother wasting my time and energy in investing? These TV shows become a part of me, as strange as that sounds, and my time is even more limited now, so I have to be picky. Once I’m in, I’m in it all the way until it ends or the writers pull the most ridiculous thing ever that turns me off (a la House S7 finale, for the biggest example ever).

So, yeah, my DVDs of my TV shows and movies are my most prized possession. They’re a big part of me. While I may never be a superhero and fight bad guys or investigate crime scenes, it’s where everything started. Since I was a kid I loved the whole saving the world and mystery shows such as Dragonball Z, Power Rangers, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and Scooby Doo. Action and mystery pretty much sells me every time. Maybe that’s why I ended up in Pathology. While there’s not much action, I’m a part of the diagnosing process which can save lives, and it’s definitely part of mystery solving. I love it. This is who I am, this is what I do.

As a final note about Writing 101, it was fun. I can’t believe an entire month already flew by! While I didn’t complete every single challenge or did them exactly as prompted, I did most of them and it was a great way of getting prompts. It definitely let me express my thoughts in ways I might not have had the courage to do before. Thank you, WordPress Editors, for creating such a lovely course and a great challenge. Now, onto my next challenge — Camp Nanowrimo July 2014 edition. (Yes, I know I said I might not, but I went ahead and bit the bullet. I have an idea floating around in my head that won’t leave, so here we go. I’m that crazy.)


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