Hell Week the Second

I’ve been slacking on Writing 101 mainly because of Hell Week the Second. Three exams and a quiz, three days in a row. Needless to say, I’m beat. I hope to catch up this weekend now that I actually have time to do it. I’m dubbing this weekend my Free Weekend. I didn’t do anything after my lab practicum today and I don’t regret it a bit. I don’t plan on doing anything tomorrow other than some cleaning around the apartment (that I’ve neglected because of the exams) and finally starting some art projects I’ve been dying to get started.

So, I’m going to use this as my free write challenge for yesterday. It’s supposed to be at least 400 words of whatever, which is perfect for what I want to talk about.

I think my exams went well this week. I felt much better about Embryology this time around, at least in terms of less guessing haha. Anatomy lecture was a bit trickier than the first exam. My prof wasn’t kidding when he said that he made this one a little harder than the previous one. He said he “doesn’t want to have the reputation of being a push over.” Psh. We kept telling him he’s doing fine and we’ve been preparing for his exams like crazy. Clearly didn’t matter. It was trickier but I feel that I beat him at his game except for maybe a couple questions. I hope I did anyway. The lab practicum today was kind of tricky too. I missed a couple easy ones because I totally misunderstood where the pin was, which pisses me off. I mean this is lab, this is my wheelhouse. How can I miss such simple things? I guess I need to pay more attention. Whatever, I’m pretty sure I got an A, but I really wanted 100% or higher. Actually, I really wanted the maximum amount of points possible, including all the extra credit. I’m greedy like that.

After the practicum we did more dissections except not really lol. We opened up the abdominal cavity but didn’t really do much. There’s gonna be a lot of cleaning to do the next lab, which will be our last dissection lab before the final. That’s fine. I originally signed up to do abdominal cavity, but then there would be 3 of us doing that while the other two did a hand and foot. It’d be too crowded, so I switched to face and neck. I’ve never done that region mainly because I was so scared of doing such a delicate dissection, but I figured this would be my last chance at doing it, so why not. That way I can officially say I’ve worked on every part of the body. I’m pretty excited.

While we were ‘dissecting,’ one of the UC Davis people with the body program was embalming one of the cadavers to be used in the future. So I pretty much ditched dissecting and ended up talking with this wonderful lady who patiently answered all my questions about the embalming process and the body program. I’ve heard all about the process, but I never had the chance to witness it. When I was at Mt. SAC, we got to take a field trip to tour UCI’s facility where they do the same thing, but we never got to watch how they do it. Apparently all the UCs work in tandem with each other and help each other out in fulfilling special requests if that school is unable to. For example, if UCI has a special request for breasts and they don’t have any on hand, they can ask UC Davis or UCSF (or any other UC who does this) for them. They’re all sister programs and all the bodies are donated prior to death, so they all want to be here. Because they’re sister programs, they all know each other so the Davis lady knows the Irvine guy, which is so cool. The Irvine guy is so awesome and laid back. He’s BFFs with my Mt. SAC profs, so we get a few perks haha. The Davis people are so nice and helpful, it’s fantastic that Drexel gets to work with them. Our program director said that it was pretty much luck that Davis would take us, and I honestly couldn’t be happier. Whatever fell into place and whoever said yes to let us in, you have my eternal gratitude. The employees are top notch and so is the Coroner’s Office. It is an absolutely fantastic facility and we are so blessed to be able to share that space.

The Coroner’s Office is awesome, have I said that enough?. I’ve already witnessed parts of three autopsies. We’ve all creeped in the hallway by the locker rooms to watch as they dictate and open up the body. But every single time it gets to the good part, our prof comes to get us. Today, we actually got to see them open up the skull and they were just about to take out the brain when our prof came to get us so we could take our exam. We were all like, “Really? You have impeccable timing.” The last time, our prof got us right before they cut open the skull and we were like, “It was just getting good! Come on!” Can you tell how excited we are? They also don’t mind that we creep on them haha. But I can’t tell you how valuable and excellent it’s been to witness all this. I can’t wait to do the autopsy rotation through here. It’s pretty much a done deal according to our director, they’re just waiting on the final confirmation. I. Cannot. Wait.

Life has never been sweeter.


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