TMI: Open Letter to My Uterus

Dear Uterus,

Why do you hate me so? You’ve never hated me this badly before. I could handle the occasional migraine (with extra strength drugs), the back pain, the swollen and sensitive boobs, the mild cramps, and the hunger cravings. No problem. Now you’re waging an entire internal war against me and I’m suffering horribly. I can’t focus on school as well, I’m exhausted and my heating pad is getting a workout. Is it because you don’t have a baby inside you that you’re punishing me? If so, that’s not fair. I’m not even close to ready for that right now. I’m too busy with grad school and even then, I’m too busy for that.

Or is it because I’ve learned more about you with all the cycles: ovarian, uterine and menstrual that you’re hating on me. It’s not my fault, I had to learn it for Embryology. Or maybe it’s because now I know exactly what you are doing to me that it’s intensified. I liked being slightly ignorant.

I also liked it when your little temper tantrums behaved better. If I could send you to the corner and put you on time out, I would. In fact, that’s what I’m commanding you to do. Calm down so I can do my effing Embryology and Med Term homework. I’m woefully behind and unprepared for tomorrow. So please, in the name of reproductive glory, please stop hating on me and calm down.

With no love at the moment,

The Anatomy Nerd


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