The Open Letters

I’ve been reading about suggestions on posts and how to blog stuff on WordPress for some ideas and whatnot. I’ve actually found quite a few good tidbits here and there. One of them are Open Letters. I’ve done them before back when I was on LiveJournal (LJ) and it was a fun exercise. I always enjoy reading these open letters to random objects/things/people mostly because they’re entertaining. They can be quite raw and open as well, but most of the ones I’ve seen are pretty humorous. (The anatomy nerd in me almost spelled that ‘humerus’ aka the upper arm bone in layman’s terms.) So, I’ve decided that I’m going to start my own Open Letter campaign. I’ll start with trying to do it weekly, maybe on weekends or something. I don’t want to put it into stone because life aka school gets in the way of everything fun. But I’ll aim for weekly Open Letters, something like Jimmy Fallon’s Thank You Notes on Friday nights. That sound fair? It may range from humorous to ranting to serious, but most likely more of the first two.

I’m really excited to do this, so I hope you decide to stick around for the ride. I’m going to get started right away, on a separate post. I feel like these letters should stand alone.

(Now I’m also thinking about starting a story written exclusively as Open Letters or starting a different blog of just Open Letters, or maybe I should just rename this blog as the Open Letters haha)


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