Happy End of Hell Week the First Day!

I love today’s challenge about voice. I’ve actually been thinking about starting a writing journal with the tag line: Rediscovering my voice. My teachers back in high school said I had a very distinct voice in my writing assignments, and I feel like I’ve lost that. I want it back. Still debating on starting that journal though. I may do it so I can get back into (fiction) writing.

Anyway, the real challenge of writing about my favorite food/meal? Screw that. I’m not going to talk about my favorite pizza in the world is Cicero’s Pizza in Cupertino and how I always crave it when I’m back in the Bay. I won’t talk about how my dad’s prime rib and turkey (and that sinful cranberry sauce from Trader Joe’s) is a must at Thanksgiving and Christmas, and how that always makes me feel like I’m finally on break and relaxing at home. I won’t talk about ice cream being my main comfort food whether that’s to celebrate or needed as a pick-me-up. No, who wants to talk about that?

Today’s the end of Hell Week the First. I survived. Let’s talk about that.

It’s Friday. I made it. I finally made it, omg. It felt like the longest week of grad school so far. I’m sure more that will come, but it was grueling with so many exams. Embryology on Monday didn’t go nearly as well as expected. I mean I still got a B+, but I really was shooting for that A. I really wanted at least a 90 and I would’ve jumped/leaped/what have you for joy. Guess I still have a bit of a ways to go. Now that I know how the exams go, I’m definitely going to change up how I study for that class. Days. He wants effing development by DAYS and WEEKS, not just the development processes. Ugh.

Anatomy wasn’t too hard at all. I’m pissed at myself for missing and over thinking some of the easy ones. I really will be kicking myself when I get that exam back. I was so angry, no joke. It’s anatomy, this is my thing. I shouldn’t be missing such simple things. Like, wtf, brain. Ugh. All that experience and training for years to screw up the easy stuff? Frustrating.

The anatomy lab practicum wasn’t so bad today either. I totally screwed up the long/short heads of the biceps brachii, but that’s fine. I literally guessed on that one haha. I’m not sure if I put the thumb muscles in the correct order though. I always mix those up. I had the right names, spelling and all, just not sure I put it in the right order according to the numbers. ARGH. But everything else, I’m very sure I got right. So that’s three potentially wrong, but I think there were at least 4 extra credit points, so I may still get my 100. I am absolutely determined to get 100 in all the lab practicums because it’s never happened before and because I really have no excuse not to. I worked on cadavers for three and a half semesters. If I don’t know this basic stuff, what the heck have I been doing?

So later, hopefully the five of us will get together at the Dive Bar to celebrate and relax. I don’t drink, but hey, I want in on the fun and a time to vent/unwind with the rest of my class. If that means just drinking root beer and shirley temples, I’m okay with that.

YAY THIS WEEK IS OVER. Man. I could not be more excited or exhausted. Time to get some food. Then after the Dive Bar, I plan on watching How to Train Your Dragon 2 because the first one is one of my absolute favorite animated movies. That was the reward I promised to myself. Make it through the week and you can watch a movie. So frickin’ excited, can’t even tell you. So much so I want to take a nap.

OH OH OH. Before I forget, during and after our exam on the other side of the bay, there were autopsies going on! It was SO COOL to watch. For our practicum, we answered everything we could on one side of the body, turned in our papers, went over the answers and took out the pins and then turned the cadaver so we could be tested on the other side. In between all the prep time to pin, we had to stay away while our instructor did that, so we hung out in the hallway by the locker rooms and watched them perform autopsies. We managed to catch the end of one, and the beginning of another. So we saw them sew everything back in place, and take it apart on two different people. It was SO FASCINATING, I can’t even. Like we were all riveted. Watching them make the Y-incision and peel away the skin and fat, then cut open the ribs with basically garden shears, and peel back the face to open the skull was probably the coolest part about today. But we couldn’t watch the actual skull opening since we had to go back and take the other half of the exam. 😦 Oh well. Still worth every part of it.

NOW I’m going to get food. I’m starving.


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