Anatomy is My Wheelhouse

Today’s challenge  is about continuing a scene that the awesome editors have set up. I have a few ideas floating around my head, but this isn’t a writing journal. I’m tweaking it a bit. Maybe I should say that I’ll focus a bit more on the twist of writing in different POVs. Also, I might just mix this up with yesterday’s challenge, but trust me, what I had written yesterday was utter crap. I don’t know how to show vs tell very well. (I’m working on it! Always, always working on it.) I was stressed with studying for my anatomy exam I just took today, so that may have played into my creative juices. Trust me, it was crap. The good news is I think I did really well on my Anatomy exam today. Tomorrow is the lab practicum, but I’m not too worried about that, so I can write today.

I’m mixing up both challenges by writing about the anatomy exam with a few different POVs of my fellow classmates just for fun.

Stepping into the room, the cool air hits my bare legs to wake me up from my food coma of lunch. I was the idiot who decided to wear shorts today when it’s windy outside, but I did remember a hoodie, so my arms remain warm. One of the girls is already in there, frantically studying and cramming until the very end. The girl I sat at lunch with and I set our stuff down as the other two walk into the room. Our instructor is in there setting up as we get settled. Then he passes out the exams after his little blurb about the format of the test. 50 multiple choice questions and 4 bonus fill-in questions. Since there’s only five of us, we didn’t need a scantron but we did need to write our final answer on the line provided on the right side of the paper.

During the actual exam, I get tunnel vision where I don’t notice anything else around me but the black ink on white paper in front of me. It was a relatively easy exam, for me at least. I had to think on a few of them, write out a mnemonic to help me remember the cranial nerve functions, do process of elimination, but it wasn’t as difficult as I expected it to be. Sometimes though, I do look up and around to see how other people are working. I don’t look at their papers (as if I could see that far away), but I do take a quick glance at their faces to gauge their reactions to the exam. It’s amusing to me and it’s also to see if people are struggling or not. I know this sounds horrible, but if I’m struggling, I’m hoping the others are too. If it’s easy, I hope I’m not giving it away on my face. It also makes me doubt myself a tiny bit. If I find this easy and the others don’t, am I doing something wrong? Or was I just prepared enough? I know, ridiculous. Why think about that during the exam when you could just talk about it afterwards? Sometimes my brain just needs a break from the monotony.

The quiet girl finishes first. She looks calm as she breezes through the exam, even after a little mishap on one of the questions she asked about. She probably didn’t think that this was too difficult. I could see her thinking, I’ve got this in the bag. The girl I had lunch with finishes next. I can’t quite get a look at her face since she sits directly next to me (and I didn’t want the prof to think I was cheating). That wasn’t too bad. Could’ve been worse. The others are spread out over different rows in front of me or farther away so I could see their faces. The only guy in the group sits directly in front of me, so I can’t see the expression on his face, but I had the impression he isn’t satisfied and possibly surprised by some of the questions on there. I wish he had made that clearer. The final girl in the group was the only one stressing the hardest and the most. I could see her furiously scribbling out notes on the side and the tension in her face. Oh no. Do I get this? What does this mean? I hope I remembered enough to make an educated guess. I hope she did well though. I hope we all did.

For the first exam, it wasn’t horrible. I will be sorely disappointed in myself if I don’t come out with an A though.


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