the five of us

Who’s the most interesting person (or people) you’ve met this year?

I just moved to Sacramento, so nearly everyone here is new. This should prove to be an interesting writing experience. I’m not a fancy writer with amazing prose, but I’ll try my best to make this decent enough.

I walked into the room, nervous about meeting the new people I would spend the next two years with. We all had the same goal: graduate with a Masters and become a Pathologists’ Assistant. But there’s only five of us, would we all get along? Or would be just be one of those people who only gather for class, then leave and pretend that we don’t know each other?

Out of the five of us, there is only one male and the rest of us are females. He has tattoos up and down his right arm full of skulls, skeletons and hearts. On his left, there’s some kind of replica of a piece of art that I’m not familiar with. Every day he likes to come in wearing either a white shirt or tank top and short shorts (at least shorter than what I’m used to seeing on guys). He rides a bike everywhere, which is smart as it saves on parking money. His bright blue eyes speak of experience and secrets he keeps guarded. He’s quiet but asks intelligent questions. His handwriting is peculiar where it’s not as the typical chicken scratch I’ve seen many guys use. It’s small, straight and legible print with connections like cursive writing. He uses the same black ink pen and writes in grid lined books like an engineer. He also carries around a curious little black book that resembles a Moleskine with him. I don’t know what it contains, but I suspect it’s some kind of to-do list or perhaps some kind of journal. Perhaps it’s his own version of a daily planner without the calendar part.

One of the other females in the group is the youngest out of all us. We’re all in our late twenties, where as she’s more early twenties. She is a recent graduate and the rest of us are not, although I’ve been continuously going to school. She has a foreign accent full of long vowels that speaks that she’s not from the West Coast and from the Mid-West. There is a sparkly engagement ring on her finger that’s been there for quite some time. She freely speaks about her life, her fiancé and her thoughts and ideas. It’s courageous in a way that I still struggle with sometimes. Her light brown hair and her smiling face speaks of her youth, but an attitude of knowing exactly what she wants will get her far.

Another one of the females in our little group is very clearly from Southern California with the tan skin, the wild curly hair and the attitude. She used to be a dancer which is clear from her figure and the way she moves. She has a fraternal twin, which I always find quite interesting. I’ve only known a few people with opposite gender twins and I’m always interested in wondering about their relationship. It seems that they’re fairly close and speak regularly enough. Her views on life, pets and everything else bring a fresh perspective that I’ve missed for the past few years. She, too, is also not afraid to state her opinions or ask questions boldly in class or ask for clarification. She works and studies insanely hard, and I’m sure it will pay off if her test anxiety doesn’t get in the way.

The last girl in the group has dark hair that’s almost black and pale skin. She recently had a birthday but I’m still not sure if she is the oldest amongst all of us. I may be the second youngest if my assumptions are correct. She is the quietest one out of all of us, but she is also the one to get us together for study group or just to wind down after a long week. She’s the quiet leader that you’ll listen to when she opens her mouth. I have a feeling she may end up being the Class President, which I would be completely fine with. She’s kind, but because she’s so quiet, there’s so much to learn from her. The secrets she keeps close to her chest are the most fascinating. Her talent for drawing is one that I’m jealous of. It inspires me to pick it up again.

Then there’s me. The only Asian. The one with an answer for everything. And that’s okay. If I can inject some kind of light heartedness into this serious path, then I’ll happily play the fool. The students in lab back at Mt. SAC told me that it was more fun when I started picking on the profs and it cut through the tension and morbidity of working on a cadaver for three hours at a time. So I definitely hope to do more of that.

It’ll be interesting to see how this all unfolds. How all our personalities will end up meshing or not. So far, we’ve been successful enough with study groups. I just hope we break more of the ice soon.

Time to go take my first big exam. Wish me luck.


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