me vs. me

I believe there are many versions of me, but I see them more as wearing different hats. I bring out a different hat depending on the situation. I can be a student, a friend, the goofy kid in the room, the awkward one, the silent and studious one all in one class period. I’ve done it many times. In lab, I would be the hard working student completing my current assignment on the cadaver, the next I could be the goofy, annoying one just to inject some humor into the monotony. Then I put on the tutoring hat when someone asks me a question about technique or in identifying a structure. Then back to student if I have a question to ask the profs or have them double check that I’m on the right path. I can be a friend when we’re having random and fun conversations while working. At some point, they’ve all blended together to form me. All of those different hats are a part of who I am. I don’t have split personality (unless it’s ridiculously early in the morning and/or I’m starving, then the evil side of me rages), I just adapt to the situation.

The two parts of me that I find hard to reconcile are the real life me and the online version of me. My online persona is different than the real me. Here, on the internet, I have time to edit, to think about how to phrase certain things. In the real world, sometimes my mouth gets the better of me. I may say something and it might come out rude when that’s the last thing I mean. (Although, sometimes I mean exactly that haha.) I’m sarcastic, my humor is a little dry and I enjoy confusing people. In real life anyway. Online, I think I’m a little friendlier and I try not to be confusing so I don’t accidentally offend someone. Cautious could be a word to describe my online personality. At the same time, I feel like I’m a little more open here on the world wide web, where anyone can check out my thoughts, funny enough. Maybe it’s because it’s an anonymous audience or because I don’t have to stare at people’s faces when they read these posts, but it’s freeing to have this so called secret online identity. Sometimes I sound (slightly more) sophisticated on here than I do in person, but I try my best to sound like I do in real life to give this blog life.

I don’t think I quite answered this challenge properly, but these are my two cents. No crazy story. No ranting about school (although I could if it would be interesting to anyone that’s willing to listen). But I suppose if my online persona did collide with my real life one, that would be quite the story to tell.


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