Here comes Hell Week the First

I’m avoiding studying right now. Embryology is not fun and very confusing. I totally forgot that we get weekends off from Writing101, so here’s my post for the day anyway.

Friday is Gross Anatomy lab where we work on our cadaver at the Coroner’s Office. Thankfully, they had an autopsy going on the other side of the lab so it wasn’t nearly as silent as the first week. They even had the radio going, too, which made such a huge difference. Working in silence is never fun. We always had music going in lab when I did this at Mt. SAC, so skinning the cadaver the first week without music and hardly any conversation was very strange and difficult. Not this time!

In four hours, I worked my tail off. I…

  • Took off the rest of the fat and CT from the back
  • Separated the Latissimus dorsi and the trapezius
  • Reflected the trapezius to expose the rhomboid major and minor, levator scapulae, supraspinatus, and infraspinatus
  • Reflected the lats and serratus posterior
  • Exposed and separated the erector spinae muscles (spinalis, longissimus, iliocostalis)
  • Part of the serratus anterior can be seen at the insertion
  • Teres major was also exposed but I didn’t really do that, my friend did when she helped me out with the shoulder area
  • Exposed the pectoralis major muscles on the anterior/chest area
  • Reflected the pec major to reveal the pectoralis minor
  • Also exposed the internal intercostals because of that (you can also see some of the external intercostals on the back too)

Next stop is to reflect the pec minor off the ribs (3-5) and do all of the abdominal muscles (rectus abdominis, external/internal obliques, transversus abdominis) which will be SO much fun. -_- The torso is huge. I’m grateful that my instructor and some of my friends are helping me out when they can. There’s no way I’d get this done all by myself in such a short time period, especially since I can’t come in on my own time to do it all.

This coming week is going to be the first of many Hell Weeks to come. I’ve got some kind of exam/quiz nearly every single day. Monday kicks it all off with the dreaded Embryology exam. Tuesday is the Scavenger Hunt in Histology, where we basically get a list of things to identify and we have to find the slides to identify all the structures and then have them approved by our instructor. It’s not that bad since we’re split into two groups and we can use our notes and the book. Wednesday we get a day off from quizzes/exams because my Med Term instructor was nice enough to cancel the quiz when she heard how many exams we had. Thursday is anatomy exam. Friday is anatomy lab practical. Not to mention a bit of research I have to do for Lab Management by Tuesday, and the take home final (but that’s not due until the end of the month).

At the end of the week, I think my entire class (of five, remember) is gonna go out and get drinks or something. I don’t drink, but at least we can all complain/relax/de-stress together. My treat to myself will be to watch How to Train Your Dragon 2. I absolutely adored the first one. I’ve seen it so many times and it’s quickly become one of my favorite movies. So I’m excited for the sequel, if just to see Toothless again.

If I can get through this week, I can make it through the rest of the semester. Then I will feel like a true bona fide grad student. Guess I better start studying for Embryology…


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