A New Challenge


I’ve decided to challenge myself even more, because you know, grad school isn’t enough with 16 units in the summer semester. I figured maybe this will make up for the fact I most likely won’t sign up for Camp NaNo in July. That would just be insane. Just watch, I might end up doing that anyway if I can get a really gripping story going in my head.

So this challenge is Writing 101 here at WordPress. I’m supposed to write a post every single day about whatever prompt they post for the day with a twist. Now, I can just write on the topic with the twist, just do the twist, or just the topic. Today’s topic is a free write. Just a stream of consciousness of whatever I want for twenty minutes. So this could be very, very long or very short. I ramble a lot. I digress a lot. I get distracted a lot. But this is good practice in focus and concentration since I’m apparently lacking that at the start of my fourth week.

So the day started off fantastic. Woke up, had to deal with a bunch of insurance issues, got put on hold to talk to someone for about thirty seconds. Then I had to figure out more things, send out emails, make phone calls. It was great. (please note the sarcasm) Then I got some lunch and headed off to our little study group. One of the girls put together an Embryology study group because that is seriously the hardest course out of all our classes. The second years didn’t lie when they said Embryology will kill you. It’s killing us now and we’re just finishing up the first part and getting ready to take our first exam next week.

I think the study group went well. We went over all the chapters we’ve done up to this point and reviewed all the objectives that our professor gave us. The only problem is the sheer amount of information we have to know in 6-7 chapters is ridiculous. I mean, is it even possible to remember all that? And why the heck do we need to know this information? We won’t be looking at these things microscopically. We might not even get lucky enough to see a little embryo when we gross anyway. But whatever, it’s required and we’re required to know this. I just wish that we didn’t have this book. It’s terrible. Horrible organization, jumps around back and forth between development stages. It’s so hard to wrap my head around any of it, much less get the big picture. Hence, the study group. Except we’re all the same boat. It was great to get some clarification when someone else tried explaining what went on and stuff, so it wasn’t a waste. I thought it was pretty successful in terms of review. I know what to go over, and I definitely know what to ask our prof on Wednesday when we have a video conference (which will be called VC from now on) with him in Philly.

And then the day just gets better. Got an email from the one in charge here at Sacramento pretty much scolding us. Apparently there was a webinar deal this morning about stress and studying habits that I (and some of my classmates) thought was completely optional. Apparently not. It was mandatory. I skipped out on it because I’ve been through things like that and all they tell me is everything I’m doing is right. Or some of their methods just plain don’t work for me. So, I didn’t log in and then we got scolded over email. Pretty sure that we’ll get scolded in person tomorrow during class. It’s not like we meant to disrespect anyone, it wasn’t made clear that it was mandatory. Oh well. It’ll be fun tomorrow too.

After I read that email, I had an important phone call regarding insurance stuff and then I took a walk. Get some exercise, clear my head a bit. I bought a black drawing pad so I can use my neon pens and make pretty little drawings. The original black pad was horrible. This one seems to have better paper, so I’m hoping it’ll do the job this time. The previous one started shredding after a while and when I started using a bunch of different colors. It was relatively cheap and with a coupon I spent like $2.50 thereabouts. But I’m hoping the paper is worth more than the price and not one of those ‘you get what you pay for’ kind of deals. I really don’t want to spend a ton of money on more art supplies.

Then I watched some 24 for a bit and American Ninja Warrior. I decided that doing the last chapter of Embryology wasn’t going to happen. My brain cannot handle anymore of that stuff just yet. Now, I’m here, blogging. Man, writing for twenty minutes straight is hard when it’s about my life and not a fictional story. Give me a story and I can write forever. I did the 1k in 30min challenge before. But this? Talking about my life is both easy and hard. So forgive this long rambling post about my day. I could’ve written a short story instead, but this blog isn’t for that. Maybe I’ll end up starting a writing blog one day, but not today and not right now. I think I might be just a bit too busy for that. But who knows.

Time’s up. Phew. Made it.


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