(Great) Expectations

This title always makes me think of the Charles Dickens book I absolutely dreaded reading back in 8th grade. Hopefully by now, I’ve gotten over the trauma and I’m trying to change the connotation of this phrase — Great Expectations.

I don’t usually make new year resolutions because I find them pointless. I probably won’t even last a day or two before completely breaking them/forgetting about them. But this year, I told myself that I needed to get into a PathA program no matter what. I’d do whatever it takes to get in. This was my second year applying and I was running out of ideas to make myself look better on an application, and running out of time. I needed to start my career ASAP or else I don’t know what I’d do with myself.

Why not get a job elsewhere, one might ask. The simple answer is: I can’t see myself doing anything else. Well, except maybe if I had a full-time, well paid job in prosecting cadavers all day, every day, but that’s a different story. My goal, my ONLY goal was to be a Pathologists’ Assistant. I don’t want to be a Pathologist, I don’t want to be a Histotechnician. I don’t want to be anything else. It was PathA or nothing. My mom kept insisting I come up with an alternate plan just in case I didn’t get in this year. Well, my plan was to just reapply again and again until someone finally said yes.

Then it happened. Drexel said yes, we want you. We’ve got a seat for you up in Sacramento, come join us. I accomplished my goal for the year.

Now my new goal is to survive grad school. If I can make it out of this summer semester alive, that’ll be a big accomplishment and I’ll celebrate in the week I have between summer and fall. Then, my next goal is to survive fall semester which I hear is an absolute doozy and a killer. The classes only get harder and more intense, so that’s always fun and exciting. In the end, though, this is what I want. I want to be in this program and learn and train from those who have experience in the field. I want sleepless and endless nights of studying forever just to catch up. I want to work hard and see it pay off in the end.

So, I have high expectations for this year. Maybe some of them are too unrealistic, but hey, the biggest goal I set for myself has already come true. If that can happen, anything can, right?


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