Week 1

So I fail horribly. I’ve been meaning to get this blog up and running before orientation a couple weeks ago, but I couldn’t find the words to put down. Which isn’t much of an excuse, but there you go. So, here’s a fun recap.

***Warning: sometimes I like writing really long entries.***


It was a two day orientation, thank goodness. Day One was a webinar, but I didn’t have internet at my apartment that day so I went to campus and it was just all the basic stuff, financial aid, student services, library services, etc. It was fun. Met one of my classmates that day and some of the staff, all were very lovely and nice.

Day Two was where I met my entire class of… five. Yes, that’s right, there are five of us, including myself at the Sacramento campus. We had a video conference with Philly (the main campus) and had a basic overview of the entire program, the classes we’ll take, what to expect. We also got free food! Breakfast and lunch. Continental breakfast really, but they brought in Mexican food for lunch. We also got to talk to the second years to get their thoughts and the real details of the program. It was pretty laid back and enjoyable. To make it even better, we got some free swag! A bag filled with goodies: a hat, a license plate frame, and a bag called an ‘exam kit’ filled with pens, pencils, bandaids (don’t ask), a stress ball, even ear plugs.

Week 1

The Drexel dragon that greets me every morning.

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This summer semester, we have classes Tuesday-Friday, which isn’t too bad. I still get three day weekends, it’s just Monday instead of Friday. I’m taking Histology, Lab Management, Medical Terminology, Embryology, and Gross Anatomy. 16 units. 10 week semester. It’s a bit intensive because it’s all accelerated, but this should mainly be a refresher semester. Although Embryology is a whole different animal. And Gross Anatomy is my wheelhouse. Thank God for Mt. SAC and Anat40/Human Prosection. The class seems exactly the same as what I took at Mt. SAC but it’s just accelerated. I’m not sure how we can complete everything in 10 weeks, but somehow we will. We get to work in the Coroner’s Office for lab to work on our cadaver. A legit working morgue. When we went in the first day, there was an autopsy going on in the bay next to ours and I don’t think a single one of us paid attention to what our instructor or anyone else was saying haha. We didn’t stay long since our instructor wanted to keep it more of an orientation day than anything else.

I’m pretty stoked about everything so far. The classes don’t seem too horrible right now, but that’s probably because this is week one and mostly review. I mean, we got through the entire cell in two hours, so that’s just a taste of what’s to come. That usually takes about a week or two in undergrad. I think I’ve got all the text books now and I’ve been reading and taking notes like crazy, especially Embryology. First week and I’m already dreading what’s to come in that class lol.

One cool thing is that Drexel is literally down the street from the Capitol building. Okay, more like 5 blocks, but still walking distance. During one of the long lunch breaks, I decided to explore a bit and walked down to the Capitol building and took some pictures (but you’ll only see one). Have a look.

We also got some more free swag. This time we got sweatshirts!

Oh, did I mention FREE? I’m really loving Drexel right now. And my life right now. Could not be in a better place. Honestly.


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